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Tail Waggin' Extras

Because we understand a big part of making your pet's stay with us successful is keeping it as close to home as possible. 

Nature Walk

$10. 00

15 Minute Exploration of Nature. Observe the squirrels, sniff some scents, and burn off some energy with a one on one walk with a staff member. 

Indoor Playtime


15 Minute Individual Playtime with a staff member. Tug on some ropes or their favorite toy, and get some ear scratches in the process. 

Outdoor Playtime

$6. 00

15 Minutes of One on One outdoor play. Play some fetch, Catch a Frisbee, climb on the doggy play yard - Ramps and Tunnels, Oh My! (A complete energy burnout for your pet.)



Do you enjoy unwinding at the end of the day with a good book? So does your pet! We'll read them a story of their choosing and toss in a free cuddle session/ear scratching before nap or bed time. 

Cuddle Time

$6. 00

It's hard being away from home, so we try and make it easy. We'll pamper your pet with a cuddle session spent focused on giving them the love you do at home. 

Photo Update

$5. 00

Away from your furry sidekick, missing those puppy dog eyes or kitty whiskers? Why not have us take a photo OR short video of them for you, we'll even throw in an update on their stay! 

Scrambled Egg

$2. 00

Is your pet used to an egg every morning? Table scraps? How about enjoying a fresh locally raised warm scrambled egg! We'll become chefs' for your pet so they feel at home with us.

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