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Grooming Prices: 


(Based on the condition of pet's coat, matted coats will be an extra cost.)

Puppy Groom: 

Dependent on Size

Up to 6 Months                            $15.99+

Small Breed Groom:                    $45-$55+/-

Yorkshire Terrier,

Rat Terrier, Chihuahua, etc.

Medium Breed Groom:                $55-$65+/-

Cocker Spaniel,

Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, etc.

Large Breed Groom:                 $65-$90+/-

Labrador/Golden Retriever,

Pit Bull, Border Collie, etc.


XL Large Breed Groom:                $90 -$100+/-

Bernese Mountain Dog,

Great Dane, Mastiff,

Siberian Husky, etc.

Nail Clipping:               $10

Nail Grinding:              $12


For an additional $20 a De-Shedding Treatment can be added to your groom. 

Pets' got bad breath? Add a Tooth Brushing for an additional $6!


Our Grooming Facility is full service for both dogs and cats alike. 

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